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Fort Worth Commercial Property Insurance Lawyer

Insurance Lawyer in Fort Worth Texas

Purchasing a commercial property insurance policy in the Fort Worth area is supposed to protect you in the event of damage or some other calamity. However, trying to figure out exactly what you’re covered for can be incredibly difficult, given that the policy itself will be a huge document that can be filled with loopholes benefiting the insurance company.

Finding the Right Lawyer

That’s why working with a Fort Worth commercial property insurance lawyer like Tim Hoch is vital to making sure your interests are addressed. He is an expert in this field and focuses on aiding not the insurance companies, but their customers.

The Appraisal Process

For example, the appraisal for insurance losses can become a contentious debate between you, the insurance company as well as the respective appraisers. The process of finding the correct appraiser requires checking their references, credentials and experience. In addition, getting an appraiser that takes their job seriously is an issue that sometimes is taken for granted.

When the two appraisers can’t come to an agreement, determining the extent of the damage then boils down to both sides selecting an umpire. What makes a lawyer like Tom Hoch important in this case is that if neither side can’t agree on an umpire, either side can go to court to have them appoint one. Those without representation in that realm or who are otherwise aren’t familiar with the process will be at the mercy of whoever makes the selection. That’s virtually a recipe for disaster.

Claim Errors

As well as insurance appraisals and insurance agent errors, a variety of claims are handled by Hoch Law Firm. These include bad faith and business interruptions that are caused by such weather-related issues like storm, hail, wind and fire damage. In short every type of claim that can be made under a property and casualty policy is a viable option for Hoch.

Agent Malfeasance

For example, if you find that your coverage is not what you believed it to be at the time you signed it, the insurance agent who put sold you the policy can be guilty of bad faith. This can include such things misrepresentation, theft, errors or failure to activate/renew coverage. In any event, having the right legal team to help you is a necessity.

Don’t Waste Another Minute

With so much at stake, it behooves anyone who is thinking about or ready to sign such an agreement to contact Tom Hoch, a Fort Worth commercial property insurance lawyer who will fight for your rights so that you can be fully compensated for your losses. Call him today!

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