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Fort Worth Storm Damage Insurance Claim Attorney

Insurance Claims Disputes in Fort Worth Texas

Disaster SiteHaving a Fort Worth storm damage insurance claim attorney at your disposal might not seem to be terribly important to the average Texas resident, but if your compensation on a claim is much less than you expected, then it becomes of the utmost importance.

Types of Storm Damage Claims

High winds in Fort Worth can wreak havoc on property due to a multitude of possible dangers. Small structures can literally be blown away in such instances, while containers, vehicles and other unsecured property can be damaged by falling trees or flying debris.

Storm damage can also come in the form of flooding, which ordinarily isn’t covered within the standard property insurance policy. However, if the water that comes with this type of catastrophe was allowed to enter after heavy winds damaged a previously covered area, your Fort Worth storm damage insurance claim attorney will be able to argue your case with a greater degree of confidence.

Having the Proper Representation

The need for a damage claim attorney like Tim Hoch becomes evident if your insurance company is refusing to pay what you feel you’re owed in this situation. That’s because the need for an appraisal could become necessary, and since each side has to appoint their own, it’s important to have someone on your side who’s both familiar with the process and knows who to trust.

In addition, a failure to come to an agreement here will necessitate bringing in an umpire. One of the jobs of a damage claim attorney is to make sure that their client has a say with respect to the selection of that umpire.

Information is King

When the Hoch Law Firm takes a case of this nature, it’s because they know having the right amount of information can often be the difference between winning and losing. That’s why they strongly recommend that long before any storm damage in Fort Worth is sustained, potential clients make regular checks of the property in question.

By handling this simple task, the client will be guaranteed that the Hoch Law Firm can use the information provided to craft a solid legal strategy that will help increase the chances for winning the case.

That’s because Tim Hoch will have documented evidence of the property’s condition prior to the storm. Plus, checking after the storm will be able to determine exactly what property has been marred.

Other Steps to Take

If that property is merely seen as an investment, there may be less interest in keeping close tabs on it. That could prove to be a costly mistake, as is taking for granted that no issues exist due to the lack of visible damage.

Checking the property as soon as possible after a storm, followed by the quick filing of a claim will help the Hoch Law Firm strengthen your case. That’s because any delay is considered suspect by insurance companies.

If there’s a danger of further repairs, take steps to make some temporary preventative measures. Also, knowing exactly what’s in your claim will make the process a little smoother for your damage claim attorney.

The Firm to Trust

Dealing with insurance companies is something that a Fort Worth lawyer like Tim Hoch has done on a regular basis during his quarter-century-plus career in the legal profession. He’s familiar with how insurance companies approach cases of storm damage, and therefore only works with property owners. If you need the services of the Hoch Law Firm, contact Tim Hoch at 817-731-9703.

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