Partnership Disputes Attorney in Dallas, Texas

When you saddle up to be someone’s partner you undertake a heavy responsibility. If you are a general partner you owe certain fiduciary duties to your partners. Unfortunately partnerships, like marriage, often end in divorce. Oftentimes one partner wants to move on or several partners want to remove a partner. There are certain situations where a partnership has simply reached a logical conclusion or a partner has died.

When partnerships have ended, or are about to end, there is usually a disentanglement process. In these situations, you need someone who understands business and litigation. What are you fighting over? What is the financial condition of the company? What are the assets, liabilities, intangibles? What are your rights? Where can you gain the greatest leverage?

As a business owner and lawyer, I understand the practical effects of legal agreements on ongoing businesses. If you are involved in a partnership dispute, contact Hoch Law Firm.