Fire Damage Claims Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Fire damage claims need to be handled very carefully. Very often a fire along with the smoke and water damage will result in a total loss. In those cases, you should be careful to make certain you get everything you are entitled to under your policy. Fire losses are tricky when they involve a partial loss. In these cases, you need to hire your own expert restoration contractor who is able to conduct a thorough examination of the damage. A few things to look out for include:

  • Thoroughly check the HVAC. These are very difficult to clean properly after a fire loss and most likely need to be fully replaced.
  • Damage from water and heat may not be readily apparent at first and may result in mold, expansion, warping, and cracking.
  • Ducts, pipes, and connectors must be thoroughly inspected.
  • Heat can destabilize and compromise a roof and a foundation.
  • Discoloration or “matching” issues.

Fire claims require experts who specialize in such losses. Don’t forget to take full advantage of your business interruption coverage to replace your income while you are unable to conduct your business due to a fire loss. Contact Hoch Law Firm, PC for legal help with fire damage claims in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.