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Dallas – Fort Worth Royalty Sale Lawyer

Royalty / Mineral Rights Sales

If You are Looking to Sell Your Royalty or Mineral Interest-Seller Beware!!

Most of the companies and people who are giving advice are the very ones who want to purchase your interests.

Do You Think They Want to Get You the Best Price?

If you want to sell your royalty or mineral interests, call me.

I do NOT represent royalty purchasers, producers or lessees. I only represent royalty and mineral interest owners who are looking to sell.

I will:

  1. Evaluate what you own. Do you have a royalty interest, a mineral interest or a working interest? I will explain the difference between these and determine what your ownership interests and rights are.
  2. Determine what they are worth. I will use pay stubs, historical well data, public records, reserve and other industry information to determine a value for your interest.
  3. Negotiate your best deal. My fees are structured as a percentage of whatever I negotiate for you over and above your current offer.

Therefore, we are in lock step to achieve the best results for you without any risk down side to you. If I cannot negotiate a better deal for you, I will tell you and you will owe me nothing.

Call me today to get started selling your royalty or mineral interest.

Tim Hoch

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