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Unfair Competition, Unfair Business Practices and Tortious Interference

Unfair Competition, Unfair Business Practices and Tortious Interference

Competition drives American business. Competition forces businesses to be well run and responsive to the demands of the free market. As long as all businesses are competing on a level playing field, capitalism dictates winners and losers. The problem arises when people or businesses game the system and engage in unfair business practices.

When a competitor steals your business based on untruths or false information, when a competing business interferes with an existing contract you have with someone, when a business steals ideas or trade secrets are just a few examples of unfair competition or business torts. I represent businesses who are reputable and well run. They understand that business is tough and they don’t run to the court house every time they lose a contract or a customer. But they also understand that some businesses don’t play by the rules. As a result, they are often forced to pursue litigation to protect their brand and their livelihood.

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