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18 Wheeler Wrecks


Do 18 wheelers own the road or do they just act like it? Weighing as much as 80,000 pounds, semi-tractor trailers are deadly weapons against people in smaller cars. If you know someone who was severely injured in a wreck with a semi, call Hoch Law Firm, P.C. immediately.

These claims need to be investigated early and thoroughly. The trucking company will have investigators at the scene and will interview witnesses, sometimes within hours of the wreck.

Some of the factors we have investigated that lead to 18 wheeler accidents are driver inattention, driver fatigue, distracted driving, speed due to a deadline imposed by the company, improper lane changes, and following too closely.

These are common causes of wrecks with 18 wheelers. But there are other, less obvious causes that may be a factor as well. Improperly loaded cargo, falling cargo, under-ride collisions, sideswiped, and jackknifes can lead to deadly accidents as well.

Hoch Law Firm, P.C. assembles a team of the finest investigators, Department of Transportation experts, crash reconstruction experts, and life care planners for our clients who are severely injured in tractor-trailer accidents.

For example, one issue that often arises in cases involving 18 wheeler accidents is whether the trucking company complied with Federal Motor Carrier Regulations (FMCSR). These regulations have strict guidelines that cover driver qualifications, driver work hour limits, driver log book rules, safety inspection rules, record keeping requirements, and drug and alcohol testing requirements.

From the minute we are hired we begin gathering all of the information necessary to build a successful case. We have the resources to hire the best investigators and experts to give you the best shot at securing your financial future in the most uncertain times. Call us and let us go to work on your case right now.