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Commercial Property Insurance Litigation in Dallas, TX

When a loss to a commercial property happens, it affects much more than the property itself. It affects a business, which impacts your income, and your livelihood. Most commercial property owners count on the insurance company to properly adjust the loss and pay whatever is necessary to restore the building and allow your asset to continue to produce income. Keep in mind, the insurance company adjuster’s job is to pay you the minimum amount necessary to cover your loss. In other cases, an insurance adjuster simply does not possess the skills and experience necessary to fully investigate and pay what is owed.

In many of these cases, a commercial property owner will bear the loss, and pay out of pocket in order to resume operations.

Settling your commercial property insurance claim is complex and requires the help of an experienced lawyer from Hoch Law Firm, P.C. Simply accepting the opinion of an insurance company adjuster without investigation could lead to an unfair settlement. Allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to get you the money that you deserve.

This claim can restore your property to pre-loss conditions with the insurance that you purchased for the property. It also allows you the time you need to rebuild or repair any damage. The insured must document and investigate the loss and must be knowledgeable about their insurance policies. These are all things that we can help you do if you hire our legal team in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.

Types of commercial property insurance claims we have handled:

We handle losses caused by fire, hail, wind, rain, tornados, flood, electrical surges, vandalism etc.

Commercial property insurance policies

Most commercial property insurance policies cover:

At Hoch Law Firm, P.C., we specialize in commercial property insurance litigation. When your business has suffered a loss, we can investigate your claim and ensure that you’re getting a settlement that is fair and just. To hire our legal team for this important legal expertise, call our Dallas/Fort Worth, TX office at 817-731-9703 or 1-800-828-5160.

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