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Motorcycle Accidents


When to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Every motorcycle rider understands that there is a danger associated with riding a motorcycle. When that danger turns into a motorcycle accident in Texas, you need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Tim Hoch is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization which is a distinction shared by approximately 1% of the lawyers in Texas. Hoch Law Firm, PC has years of experience representing injured victims like you who have suffered injuries from a motorcycle accident. We understand all of the laws associated with operating a motorcycle and the rights of motorcyclists to enjoy the roads and highways just the same as every other operator of a car or truck.

Understanding Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There are many different injuries that you can suffer from as a result of a motorcycle crash. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries include broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, and more. A neck and spinal cord injuries attorney can represent you when you need time to heal. Spinal cord injuries can be debilitating, life-altering injuries. We know what to do to get you the compensation that you deserve after a motorcycle accident. Our Board Certified Personal Injury attorneys will work hard for you and will investigate your case thoroughly to determine the cause of the accident. From there, we will gather all of the necessary evidence to make your case as strong as possible. Whether caused by reckless driving, distracted driving, driver fatigue, DUI, or any other reason, our job as your Board Certified legal counsel is to negotiate with insurance companies or third parties in order to get you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Why You Should Hire Legal Help

When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident in the Fort Worth or North Texas area, you will need to put yourself in the best position to resolve the situation as favorably as possible. Insurance companies will offer a low settlement. This is because their first job is to protect their insured’s policy, and to make sure that they spend the least amount of money possible on your claim. However, with the help of our legal team, we can negotiate with insurance companies and if that doesn’t work, we can go to trial for you. We are on your side when you need us the most.

You need to ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the entire legal process, something that our legal team can ensure happens. Victims of motorcycle accidents in Texas can rely on our Board Certified legal expertise to help them. We are well versed in all laws pertaining to motorcycle accidents and personal injury. Because of this, we can successfully execute a personal injury lawsuit for injured victims throughout Texas.

Contact an Experienced Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

With the help of our experienced motorcycle accident attorney at Hoch Law Firm, PC, you can ensure your legal rights are always protected with our legal counsel. We have a proven track record of success for personal injury lawsuits, much like yours in Texas. We offer free legal consultations to learn about the details of your case and your injuries and to answer any questions that you have about the process ahead. To schedule a consultation today with a motorcycle accident attorney, call our law office. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, and all of the North Texas area.