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  • “ Tim represented us in a dispute with our insurance company over roof damage due to a hail storm in the Dallas area. We were very disheartened by the constant denials and dishonest treatment we were receiving from the insurance carrier, and Tim counseled us to remain patient while he systematically put together expert opinions and facts that supported our claim. Eventually we were able to settle our case and had the roof replaced on our apartment building just two months before the big tornado hit in late 2015. Our investment property was the only one in the area that did not sustain any roof damage! We were lucky with our timing, but we were even more fortunate to have Tim on our side. We highly recommend Tim’s firm!”

    Allan and Marian Goodman

  • Law & Litigation

    “Tim’s knowledge and insight regarding not just the law, but business and human nature in general was greatly appreciated and relied upon as we navigated through a difficult situation. Tim has my utmost admiration and respect both on a personal and professional basis.”

    Phillip A. Reinsch

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    Capstead Mortgage Corporation
    Dallas, Texas
  • “When faced with the prospect of complex business litigation in Dallas County district court, Mr. Hoch came highly recommended. In short order, he was able to quickly understand and master the details of our case and map out a very cost-effective, efficient legal strategy. After a series of quick wins in court, our opponent came to the table with a highly satisfactory settlement. Mr. Hoch’s ability to effectively tell a persuasive story within the confines of a courtroom is without equal.”

    Anthony Page

    Perimeter Investments, LP
    Dallas, Texas
  • “We have hired Tim Hoch for a number of different legal matters including property insurance claims and collection matters. He understands our business and the need for quick, cost efficient results. Tim has a no nonsense approach when dealing with legal matters. In my business, that approach is refreshing. We look forward to using Tim in the future to handle our litigation.”

    Ross McCready

    Director, Property Management
    Omega Asset Partners, LLC
    Colleyville, Texas
  • “I used Tim Hoch’s services for a real estate dispute and found him to be bright, conscientious, focused on the case, and the opposite of many lawyers I’ve dealt with. As a businessman involved in ongoing business deals, I’ve noticed many lawyers find ways to charge clients for unneeded services. Billable hours become a primary objective and Tim does a great job of stripping out the unnecessary. He communicates simply, clearly and is very responsive. I do not live in Texas but if I needed the services of a lawyer in Texas, I’d not hesitate to use him again.”

    Bill Jarvis

    Founder, MobiPCS
    Honolulu, Hawaii
  • “We enlisted Tim Hoch when our company was faced with an extremely complicated contractual dispute which could potentially have had serious/devastating financial consequences. Tim’s knowledge of the law enabled him to quickly assess the situation, present us with our options and guide us through the steps toward litigation, which we were fortunately able to avoid in the end. It is no exaggeration to say that Tim’s expertise and abilities border on heroic.”

    Mike and Kellie Blumberg

    Texas Coin and Laundry
  • “I hired the Hoch Law Firm to assist me in a roof claim when my insurance company had already denied my case. I tried and tried to resolve it, but was unable to get the insurance company to accept the claim. Mr. Hoch took legal action and we were able to settle the roof insurance claim quickly. Thank you, Mr. Hoch!”


    Dallas, Texas
  • “I engaged Tim on a real estate problem we had and when I thought it had reached the end of the road. Tim encouraged me to hang in with it a bit longer with some ideas he had. In the end we prevailed far better than had expected. Shortly after that we handed him another problem I didn’t think had much of a chance and we were successful with that issue as well. Tim combines excellent legal work with a creative approach.”

    Dan McCarty

    Fort Worth, Texas
  • “Thank you for your excellent work. You are the most reliable attorney I have ever hired.”

    M.H. Soh

    US Com
    Irving, Texas
  • “We use Tim Hoch to handle complex business litigation matters on a variety of topics. He combines a strategic, no-frills approach with a bottom-line mindset. He is extremely responsive, organized and thorough. We would gladly recommend his services.”

    Richard Warren, CEO

  • “Tim was thorough efficient and treated us like real people. He did an excellent job for us on our three cases.”

    Ruth Thompson

  • “Excellent experience. Great outcome. Very prompt, courteous, and thorough.”

    Kristina Dagg

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