The legal landscape for hail claims is changing in Texas. There are more claims (and more denials) than ever before. The hailstorm of June 13, 2012, that struck Dallas caused almost a billion dollars in property damage. Many of the reputable property insurers do a good job adjusting losses and paying claims. But remember: Their job is to pay you as little as possible under the policy.

Other insurance companies and adjusters rely on an age-old maxim when faced with a hail loss: Delay, Deny, Defend. It’s a numbers game. Insurance companies know that most people will not fight back when their claim is denied or severely limited.

Most experts agree that hail should measure a minimum of 1 1⁄2 inches to be able to damage most commercial roofs. There are very sophisticated hail track reports that can tell you the size of hail that struck your area.

There are also certain experts who can assist in determining when hail struck your property, the size of the hail, and the repairs that need to be completed.

At Hoch Law Firm, PC we handle large property losses from hail storms. One glance through your property insurance policy will convince you that this is a confusing and tricky area of practice. Trust your claim to a lawyer who has handled these claims for 25 years. Contact us for legal help for your hail damage claims in Dallas-Fort Worth.


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