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The key to operating a profitable business is to focus on what makes you money. Litigation is not one of those things. Lawsuits drain you of the valuable, hard-earned money you need to operate a successful business.

Unfortunately, litigation is often an unavoidable and even necessary component of running a business.

My approach as a business litigation lawyer is different from most. I take a direct, cost effective approach to your legal matter. Most often I work on a contingency basis. I am interested in achieving the best result possible in the shortest amount of time.

Here few of the business matters I handle:

Erisa Litigation

Hoch Law Firm P.C. handles ERISA controversies and plan administration issues on behalf of plan sponsors.We are sensitive to the cost and time associated with litigation. As a result, we work to address payment errors and audits before any need for litigation. We specifically assist plan sponsors with oversight of plan administrators and service providers. This oversight may include audit services, reimbursement and, only if necessary, litigation. Our primary focus is recoupment for plan sponsors with an eye toward fulfillment of fiduciary responsibilities.

We are sensitive to the cost containment and administrative pressures felt by plan sponsors and we help navigate the complex landscape of ERISA.

Fiduciary Litigation

Officers, directors, partners and members of business organizations have a fiduciary duty under the law to act in the best interest of the owners of the business and, in many cases, the employees of the business. A fiduciary duty is the highest duty recognized in law. It requires utmost care and trust regarding the management of money and business affairs between parties.

A fiduciary who breaches this high standard of care may be the result of simple negligence or something more sinister, such as the misappropriation of funds or operating in conflict with the business purpose of the company.

Corporate fiduciary litigation involves many different aspects but typically they involve 401k plans, pension plans and employers’ self-funded health plans. Officers and directors may face personal liability concerning these plans for misrepresentation, failing to disclose information, failure to properly monitor investment managers or investments, and failing to take reasonable steps to avoid losses by the plans.

For a confidential consultation regarding your rights and responsibilities related to your ERISA health or retirement benefit plan, contact Tim Hoch.

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