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Oil Rig Accidents Explosions


American workers are 7 times more likely to die in an oilfield accident than any other type of workplace accident. Plain and simple-drilling rigs are dangerous places. There is very often a flurry of activity on and around the rig. Different people from different companies working under strict deadlines to get the well drilled and the money out of the ground.

Your injuries may very well be covered by workers’ compensation. The problem with worker’s compensation is that the amounts recoverable are usually far less than what you need to secure your financial future.

Do not be misled into thinking that worker’s compensation is your only source of recovery. A thorough investigation may reveal that some other worker for some other company caused your injury.

Unfortunately, the injuries from oil and gas drilling rigs are some of the worst imaginable. Very often they include severe burns which lead to a lifetime of pain and disfigurement. They may lead to a severed arm or leg. They may involve a head injury.

They will almost always require immediate and long term medical care. The recovery process will be long and hard and can very often lead to financial hardship.

We are here to help. We understand that you are in for a long road or that the family of a deceased worker may be left to fend for itself. We will be with you every step of the way.

We are allowed to advance reasonable living expenses in accordance with the ethical guidelines set forth by the Texas Bar Association. We will pursue every angle and every avenue to get you and your family the money you deserve in the most difficult of times.