The need for a Fort Worth property insurance lawyer can be vitally important, since a commercial property insurance policy is a lengthy document spanning more than 100 pages, with many arcane items that the average person rarely reads nor completely understands.

Types of Property Insurance Claims/Issues

Weather-related damage deals with such things as hail, wind, tornado, fire and storm damage. It can also deal with business interruptions caused by such events, but can also be related to matters of ethics. These involve such areas as insurance appraisals, agent errors or bad faith claims.


When a dispute over the value of insured losses develops, each side hires an appraiser to give their viewpoint. If they can’t come to an agreement, then an umpire will make the final decision. Finding an appraiser who’s in your corner is something a Fort Worth property insurance lawyer knows how to do, because the alternative could be costly for you.

Insurance Agent Liability

In some cases, your insurance payment is much lower than expected or even non-existent. That’s because your agent has been negligent, or worse, guilty of severe ethical lapses. This can include such things as misrepresenting benefits, failure to activate or renew coverage or even theft of premiums

Bad Faith

Other cases involve the insurance company misrepresenting the terms or facts within a policy. They can also be guilty of such things as not attempting to offer a fair settlement or not offering a legitimate reason for denying a claim. At this point, legal representation is an absolute necessity.

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Tim Hoch has been an attorney for more than 25 years and is an expert when it comes to commercial property insurance. In these type cases, he only represents property owners, not insurance companies. So if you’re in need of his assistance, contact him at the Hoch Law Firm.