Burn injuries can happen without warning to someone on the job or in a place where a dangerous condition exists to have a fire occur. Oftentimes burn injuries can occur because of explosions at work. Explosions are known for causing severe burns, which can be painful and debilitating for these victims. A Texas burn injury lawyer or explosion accident attorney can help those injured to receive maximum compensation that they deserve for their injuries. Whether from steam explosions, manhole explosions or chemical explosions, anyone that suffers from these burns can face lifelong pain and in some cases, even lasting or permanent bodily disfigurement. Our legal team can help victims like you to protect your legal rights throughout the entire legal process ahead.

Understanding Burns

Many factors can cause burns to the human body including explosions. These burns can vary in severity and disfigurement to the individual who has suffered a burn injury. First-degree burns usually heal pretty quickly, while second-degree burns damage uppermost layers of skin and lead to a month of healing with significant scarring. The most severe burn is a third-degree one, which damages skin, tissues and sometimes even the bones of the individual who has suffered the burn. This healing time will require a victim to be under medical care for a long period of time in order to prevent infection. This is just one factor that can be included in someone’s personal injury lawsuit as well as lost wages. Our legal team can investigate your case thoroughly in order to ensure that all OSHA laws were followed thoroughly.

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