Many people use our nation’s bus systems in large and smaller city centers, relying on the expertise of the bus driver to get them to their destination safely. Bus drivers have a lot of responsibility when they’re driving a bus. This is why it requires a special license to operate this size vehicle. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bus accident, you’re entitled to compensation for your injuries. A bus accident lawyer from Hoch Law Firm, PC, can investigate your accident thoroughly and determine who’s at fault. From there, we will gather evidence related to your case and then pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party.

Who Is Liable for Bus Accidents?

Our years of experience allow us to adequately investigate to determine proper liability. Most often the bus driver is liable, but sometimes the manufacturer of the bus or even the bus company themselves are at fault. It is the case that buses much like your own vehicle need to be kept in the peak of working order for each bus trip that is taken with the public on board. We fight diligently in order to get our injured victim clients the best possible results, and we know how to discover the records identifying weaknesses in the opponents arguments regarding the losses related to the bus accident. We know what you deserve and we won’t stop until you get exactly that.

What Are Some Laws Pertaining to Bus Accidents in Texas?

When it comes to laws pertaining to bus accidents in Texas, injured victims have just two years from the date of the bus accident in order to file a personal injury lawsuit. This makes it important to hire a bus accident lawyer as soon as you suffer injuries. In Texas, negligence is shared among all of the parties to a claim. This means that the percentage of fault of both parties is determined, and the liable party must only pay that percentage of the damages. If you share more than 50% of the blame, you won’t recover any damages.

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With the help of our experienced bus accident lawyer at Hoch Law Firm, PC, you can ensure your legal rights are always protected throughout the entire legal process. We have a proven track record of success for personal injury lawsuits. We understand the nuances of the law when it comes to bus accidents and work to get you your fair and equitable share of compensation in these cases. We offer free legal consultations to learn about the details of your case and your injuries. To schedule a consultation today with a bus accident lawyer, call our law office. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, Hurst, Euless, Bedford and all of the surrounding TX communities respectively.